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Pirate Sample is a very simple project I created to demonstrate showing a Loading.gif, Calling a Web Service to get a value, and then displaying the result.

The problem is described here:

 A few pirates find a treasure chest full of gold coins late one evening.

 They decide to wait until the next morning to divide their treasure.

 One of the pirates wakes up in the middle of the night worried that the other pirates will steal his share so he decides to go divide the treasure himself.

 He divides it into equal shares (one for each pirate). There is one coin left over, which he throws overboard (anything else would be unfair). He takes his share, puts the other shares back in the chest, and returns to his cabin.

 Another pirate wakes up and does the same thing. Yes, there is still one extra coin. Yes, he throws that coin overboard.

... Each pirate does this once during the night (yes, there is an extra coin and they throw it overboard each time) , and the next morning they wake up and divide the treasure into equal shares. There is one left over which they throw overboard. They each take their share and live happily ever after.

I just call the web service that the above site hosts to demonstrate my solution.

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